Experimental Burger



Fancy seeing your creation on our main menu?

  Join our Head Chef for the Experimental Burger cooking class, and enjoy a meat tasting and wine pairing starter.

During an hour and a half, get your burger chemistry sparking with a range of exotic meats such as Kangaroo, Zebra, Ostrich and of course BOBO’s  classic Rare-Breed Beef.


Our classes start 7pm.
Join us earlier to enjoy a drink during Happy Hour.
£29.50 per person


Want to learn to name the kind of wine you enjoy drinking?

Every Thursday, Bobo Social hosts Introduction To Wine workshops. They are the perfect opportunity to learn about wine’s different flavours and robes, with the help of our connoisseur.

During a one hour session, you’ll be offered to taste six different wines to train your palate like a professional, and impress friends, family and sommeliers!



Our classes start at 7pm. 
£49 per person


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